Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wedding Cake Confusion

I have fallen in love with a cake I found on a website that I can’t find anymore. No matter, I know what it looks like. It’s got green frosting and purple flowers on it.
My friend Dee has volunteered to make the cake (Yay). There will be a small family cake and a bunch of little cupcakes all around. It will be a honey or spice cake with cream cheese frosting (because I only like cream cheese frosting.)
Dee and I are going to have a cake baking/tasting day when I decide the flavor I really want.
I think maybe I’ll just gather a bunch of yummy sounding recipes, bake them up, and Spider and the kids taste them and bring the leftovers to work. The ladies will love it.
Step 1: Gather recipes for spice and/or honeycakes
Step 2: Make one or two cakes per weekend until we find one we love
Step 3: Give the recipe to Dee to play with
Okay, but we also need to flowers to go on the cake. These are going to be dianthus. They are edible and they smell like cloves. I love them. I have ordered a buttload of purply-pink dianthus to go in my sun garden (and a bunch of echinacea for the bouquet and garlands). Hopefully they will bloom nicely for me. Otherwise I might have to buy them! That would suck. Buying flowers is rediculously expensive. My friend who got married last year told me a bouquet of daisies and a matching boutineer cost her $300. Crazy shit!
We also need to decide on the frosting flavor, but I think we need to decide on the cake first so that we know how they taste together.