Monday, August 31, 2009

Witch Wanted

Young and gothy? Got some witchy skills? Well there's a guy on Craigslist that has a job for you. For $20 an hour you could be hired by some guy who posted this amusing bit of something:

Looking for talented Witches ages 18 - 25 who like to work in dark, goth type scenarios. It is helpful to be comfortable with the metal music atmosphere.

This will be for work in fortune telling, healing, and magical services of all sorts offered to the public.

In Your Reply PLEASE PROVIDE A FEW PHOTOS and a phone number to reach you for a prompt response.

* Location: Oakland County
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: $20.00 an hour

Assuming this is real, I have no problem with the idea of someone doing readings and offering magical services to the public. However, I am not sure that anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 should really be doing that. Assuming you went to High School and then college, even if you were born to a Momwitch, when exactly is an 18-25 year old supposed to learn the skills of reading, healing (does he mean herblore or energy work?)AND spellcasting well enough to be able to put on a good show of it? I don't know, perhaps it's possible but that's alot of study for someone who is just getting out of college. I doubt my daughter would qualify at the mid range of that in a few years unless she quit school and started studying full time right now. And what teenager would study magick, divination and herb lore if they were given the opportunity to quit school? No, she wouldn't have the focus. I did. I studied herb lore and magick feverishly from the time I was 15 but I'm not sure I would have been comfortable doing it for a living at 25 and I sure couldn't have done readings too.

I know alot of young people who can do great readings OR healings OR spellcasting but to find someone who can do all three, and look good in leather? I'm thinking this guy is going to have to pay more than the $20 an hour he's offering.

What this guy should be looking for is an actress. I am sure that is what he actually wants, but it would be nice if people would be enlightened enough to admit that in their posts. This sort of thing always makes me giggle.

Anyway, I'm not offended, except perhaps by the fact that I'm obviously too old and unattractive to be a suitable witch for whatever it is he's planning. But whatever. I don't work for $20 an hour. I don't know any psychics who do either. If you're unemployed, into the goth scene and young and hot, this could be a golden opportunity to practice your witchy skills on a regular basis. After all, practice makes perfect and this sort of experience can only help one grow and learn. In one way or another.

But I do hope whoever responds is careful. Send pictures and your phone number? Creepy. Is this some guy with a weird fetish trying to get his rocks off? Could be. But isn't $20 an hour as light for a fetish worker as it is for a psychic?

***** Update! ****

So today the guy has posted a new ad. He's expanded his age range and his pay. Did he read my blog, I wonder? He's also offered a little more information about the position. When emailed previously about the position and what it entailed, he replied only with "Send a picture". Clearly skill is secondary to his requirements. Here's the new ad.

Girls needed to model for pagan-witchcraft-themed web-site.

Great for those who find that idea intriguing. We want everyone to have fun with that entire scene and enjoy attention.

Shoots will take place mostly on Sundays.

Depending on interest and aptitude, you might be invited to become one of our full-time staff. See us at and apply there for staff positions, if you like.

In Your Reply: PROVIDE SOME RECENT PHOTOS and always include a phone number to reach you.

* Location: Oakland County
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: $25.00 an hour

I paid a visit to the website, and you should too. has pictures of half naked young girls in lingerie. It looks like the front of a porn or dating site (the part that's PG-13 to get you all excited for the good stuff you have to paypal them to get to). It says that they want to hear from young women because they have some sort of magical advantage. It says that they will teach you to realize your magical potential to get everything you ever wanted. It says ... that they will let you into some secret empire that rules the Earth. (what, us??)

I'm not the only one that's concerned. Our local witch-biddy squad has uncovered additional information using various internet tools, including Whois and others - It's a company called Wild Things Entertainment in Farmington - and the address - a residential neighborhood near a school.

Now, his line is pretty far fetched and the average girl is probably savvy enough to not fall for it. Anyone curious about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, magick or the occult have plenty of opportunity to learn more if they just do a quick search on the internet as they will be certain to stumble upon,, Witches Of Michigan, or FOCAS before they come across this guy - I hope. And even if they didn't - well, you'd have to be pretty dumb. But this reflects badly on all of us, and the potential exists for someone to be seriously victimized.

This is some serious shit here folks. This guy has predator written all over him. This witch is at a loss of what to do.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Confusion in the News

Harvest season is Pagan Pride Season. I think it's possible that our Detroit Pagan Pride Day (August 8th) was the first and despite the fact that it was cold and raining pretty much the whole day, I think a good time was had by all. Unless you're local and have therefore already had your Pagan Pride Day, it's safe to say there's a Pagan Pride Day coming to a metro area near you. Visit the Pagan Pride Day website to find out more.

An Odinist group in California caused a stir when witnesses to their harvest rite decided they must be Nazis. They've got a good attitude about it, admitting that they can see why people might think that, but everyone admits nobody broke any laws. You can find out more about the Raven's Folk Kindred at their website as well as hear a bit more of their side of the story.

Another case that's a little more confusing is the expulsion of a Wiccan from an energy healing program. Sally Wild claims she was kicked out for being Wiccan (Does it blow anyone else's mind that a Wiccan would be thrown out of an energy healing program?) while the program director said that it was a result of concerns about her mental state and unstable behavior. The court rejected Ms Wild's complaint.

By the way: Remember the Wookey Hole Witch auditions? They hired a real estate agent.