Cool Stuff on the Web

Homeschooling Links

Lanternfish - A resource website for ESL teachers with some fun magic and fantasy themed activities for teaching language arts.

Twigtale - Personalized photo story books for kiddos.

Kids Cook Monday - Get your kids started cooking.

Pagan Moonbeams - A newsletter for Pagan kids with fun activities. (Note: This hasn't been updated since 2012 but the old stuff is still good.)

Crafting Links

Urban Threads - If you embroider, you have to check out this website.

Green Stuff

Pagan Parenting Links

BBI Media - Home of Blessed Bee Newsletter

Witchvox Pagan Parenting Section - Various Articles

Food Links

Door to Door Organics - They deliver me fresh, organic produce every week and they take back their packaging material. LOVE THEM. They also have a great referral program. If I refer someone, they get 50% off their first order and they donate 5 pounds of food to our local food bank. (So if you live in Michigan send me your email and I'll hook you up.)

Native Harvest - Food and crafts sustainably produced by indigenous peoples of the Americas. Coffee, maple syrup, wild rice, etc. Good stuff.

Baby Stuff

Softbums - Best AI2 Diaper ever. My suggestion, get the Echo Dry Touch Trial 6 pack for $72.00. That's $12 a diaper change. If you hate them you can use the Dry Touch pods to stuff a pocket diaper. If you love them, get a Super Dry Touch 3 pack for overnights and an Organic Bamboo 6 pack because they are awesome- velvety soft and trim. That gives you 5 shells and 15 liners, which is about enough for a day of diapering.

Cotton Babies - These folks make my favorite pocket diaper for overnight; Bum Genius One Size. They cost about $18 per diaper change and come with a newborn and full size insert. I think these are actually more comfortable and use these with both inserts for overnights most often. These are also probably the best diapers of my stash to give to a childcare provider to use. Just pre-stuff and size them at home and have your provider put them in a wet-bag when they come off and you can un-stuff them at home.

Other Stuff

Cozi - The best online calendar. Organize your family and your household, plan meals, etc. This website keeps me sane. I don't use the smartphone aps, I am already overwhelmed with all the crazy stuff my phone does without making it worse, but I am told they are super handy.

Citrus Lane - Sends a gift to mom & baby every month. Their focus is on sustainable Earth-friendly products.