Saturday, July 26, 2014

Taking Care of Business. And Myself.

I haven't been as retired as I may seem. I've been working a lot on the websites. I'm sort of auditing everything at the moment. It's got to be done. I am feeling better.

My husband's job is back. His real job. The one we moved all the way out here away from all my people for that laid him off three months later. He has now had two proper paychecks and it's such a relief to just pay the damn bills instead of sorting out which ones would cause the least damage to the household by not paying them. And it's blissful to be able to drive him 15 minutes to work and keep the car and actually do stuff instead of being cooped up in a sweltering house all day. But there's still alot of work to do to get back on an even keel. Our credit cards are maxed. Our five year plan has become a six year plan and I've recently come to the conclusion that our deck is really unsafe and replacing it isn't as low priority as I had hoped. It seems whoever built it used 2 inch nails. Yes, in the 2x4s. 2 inch nails. So not only are they lacking in any kind of tread to keep them in the wood, they're only biting in about 1/4 inch and we've got boards falling off and nails popping out and it's just a terrible accident waiting to happen. Why the inspector didn't notice this, I don't know. He said the deck was in great shape and solid, just needed a clean and seal. Hah.

My husband insisted that I put the baby in preschool two days a week for the sake of my sanity and insisted that we could afford it now, so I did. It's really not something I can continue doing because it's really expensive and I am not getting that many clients these days. Living in the middle of nowhere with only one car kind of hinders one's flexibility for other peoples' schedules. But having two days a week to just focus on me and doing what I felt needed doing was did me good. It gave me a chance to regroup and pamper myself a little. I even started shaving my legs again (gasp). And each day after I picked him up I felt energetic enough to take him to the park for an hour or two before it was time to pick up my husband from work. So I got some exercise.

We're going to down  to one day a week of preschool next week and I have signed us up for a Yoga in the park class and a mommy and me swimming class and the cost of both of these combined in less than half the cost of one day of preschool. I won't be able to get anything done, but I will be entertaining my little man and getting much needed gentle exercise in the process. And wearing him out. And I still get one day a week to myself to work on the websites or me or whatever.

I have also been doing a 20 minute guided meditation each day. I am not allowing myself to nap. I find the meditation is actually more helpful than the nap. The nap just eats up the day and I wake up all groggy. After the meditation I feel refreshed. I use meditations at they are awesome.
Oh and my little man and I have been doing these Yoga videos together several mornings a week:

So that's what I've been up to. Just in case you were worried about me after the last dramatic post that took place TWO MONTHS AGO.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.