Friday, January 9, 2015

Wordpress Foray Fail

So I thought I'd move the website to Wordpress. To have more control, etc. But this has turned out to be an utter failure. Wordpress requires me to do too many updates and my host, (Ipower) does not seem to like them. It is just too buggy and their customer service people are incapable of doing anything but trying to sell additional services when you call to ask them why. So my updates fail and I just get a message that says 'Update failed' and can't log into my stuff and nobody can tell me why, but assure me if I give them another $50 a year, it'll stop happening. Whatever. I will be looking at a new host. In the meantime, I will return here to blog and will probably blog in both places indefinitely. Although it feels weird, because I believe I now have followers on both sites so what else is a girl to do?

Over the next few days I'll start posting on here what I posted there that you may have missed. And some new stuff and, when I can get Wordpress going again, I will post new stuff there too.

I created a really neat header for myself. I sketched it and showed everyone at the family Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and asked for input and got quite a bit and my husband promised to do some digital magic on it if I scanned it and sent it to him. I tore it out of my sketchbook in preparation for scanning and put it, who the hell knows where.

And Mercury retrograde hasn't started yet.