Monday, May 10, 2010

Witchcraft on Bones

When I was an Anthropology major in college I wanted to be a Forensic Anthropologist, just like Bones! This show has been recommended to me for years, but I haven't got a TV. Recently I started checking out various TV shows on Hulu and I have discovered such wonders as Lost, Dead Like Me, and... when I found out May 6th's episode of Bones was all about Witchcraft I thought I'd check that out too.

Did I like it? Well... it was entertaining. It was friggin' weird and predictably made witches seem, well, wacky. There's some wacky witches out there, some of them are my dear friends and one of them is myself, but we don't mess with dead cats or have dead bodies in our closets and I've yet to meet one who claimed to make someone's hair fall out (cool trick though). I was actually more insulted as an Anthropologist than a witch. I was appalled by the idea of an Anthropologist "observing" a Wiccan ritual without them knowing they were being observed. Very unethical... Of course it all wrapped up with a pat outcome as series's do which is one of the many reasons I gave up TV all those years ago in the first place.

Anyway. You can check it out yourself.