Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Real Witches Craft

I just finished reading The Real Witches Craft by Kate West. I tell you, I did not have high hopes for this book. I thought "Real Witches" eh, what an arrogant title. Probably a bunch of Wicca-fluff. And yes, there is fluff. She tells you to research Gods and Goddesses and to look for triple Goddesses in various Pantheons. I hate that. HUGE pet peeve. She also encourages rewriting myths with a feminist bent, insisting that they were rewritten by Christians (I don't think Homer was Christian, but whatever) and presents a decidedly fluffy interpretation of the story of Persephone (You can see my version at I'm not saying it's better, but I did try to keep it slightly unfluffy). BUT the rest of the book is absolutely fabulous. I gave it to my daughter. I highly recommend it. It does assume you know a few things and it is decidedly Wiccan (which I am decidedly not, if you hadn't noticed) but if you ignore the dogma and the history, it has good solid information and is definately worth checking out.