Saturday, January 26, 2008

Feeling Philosophical

Lately, I am feeling rather philosophical. It could be that I, having run out of reading material, picked up one of my partner’s philosophy books from college and have been reading that in the bathtub. I didn’t take philosophy in college. I had a really hard time with it, because so much of philosophy is based on the monotheistic viewpoint. I am reading, for instance, about all these arguments about whether or not God exists and I’m thinking to myself, well this is stupid. If you realize there’s more than one God, you know that this particular issue isn’t an issue at all. When I took Sociology of Religion in college and World Religions, I also had a hard time. Sociology, it seems to me, is all about deviance. What’s normal, and what’s not. That’s why I am generally irritated by “therapists” as they tend to be Sociology majors and they have that whole “normal” attitude instead of just allowing people to work through what’s right for them.
School isn’t for polytheists, I think.
I would love to start a private school for Pagan kids. That will be one of the things I will do when Hermes grants me lottery luck.