Thursday, April 10, 2008

Burning Time Era Witchcraft Evidence Found

Archaeologists have found evidence in Cornwall of witchcraft dating back to the era known in the Pagan community as “the Burning Times”. Dr. Jacqui Woods and her team have found several pits lined with swan pelts and filled with the carcasses of birds, unhatched eggs, human hair, nail clippings, quartz pebbles and even part of an iron cauldron. A (possibly) sacred well has also been unearthed filled with offerings such as bits of cloth and fruit. Dr Woods believes that the pits were part of fertility rituals.

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I would like to make one small correction to the fast facts at the end of the story. It states Thousands of women, the vast majority innocent, were burnt, hanged or drowned
I would like to correct that to Thousands of people, not just women. While many of the people who were killed during the Burning Times were women, many of them were men.