Thursday, July 24, 2008

While I Was Out

So I just got back from a fabulous vacation. I spent some time with my future inlaws and I spent some time alone with my future husband. We went down south where you can get every kind of vegetable imaginable deep fried and I discovered the joy that is bbq beans with cornbread. Yum.
Yes. I am chubby and perhaps chubbier than when I left despite the fact that I spent alot of time walking around and rowing boats. I sure hope my wedding dress still fits!

Anyway, a quick scan of the news reveals that Pagans found their way into it while I wasn’t paying attention. According to the Associated Press, a Wiccan woman stabbed herself in the foot with her sword during a ceremony of thanks in Lebanon Indiana. Wow. Talk about embarassing. To make matters worse, this gaff took place in a public cemetary. After dark. Can you say trespassing?

Lucky for her, the police let her and her crew off with a warning and Ms Gunther (the sore-footed Wiccan) was able to display the Pagan value of laughing it off. I will join her in laughing as soon as I finish pondering the mechanics of how one gets a sword through one’s foot during ritual. Just what was she doing and why did it require enough force to send a sword through a foot? Was she wearing shoes? You know. Reporters just don’t share the important details. Perhaps the Gods demanded a blood sacrifice in exchange for whatever they were being thanked for and simply didn’t let her in on it ahead of time? I have a feeling she’s not the only one laughing!
(”So yea, boss, I’m not going to make it in to work today, you see, I stabbed myself in the foot…”)
Meanwhile, in the UK, a group of bowlers were disappointed to find a strange structure in the middle of their bowling green (they bowl outdoors in the UK. Weirdos!) consisting of a circle of paving slabs surrounding a pentacle made of bricks and inhabited by a headless scarecrow. Weird. While authorities have ruled out satanists. (*snicker*) there is still no clue as to who, what, why? The local ‘occult expert’ blames the teenagers.

The last tidbit of (questionably) Pagan related news that occurred while I was on vacation is a real gem. It seems a crazy drunk lady in Colorado declared herself to be a witch who would hex the officers for arresting her.
Oookay. That’s all I have to say about that.
Now, I need to spend some time recovering from my vacation which was, admittedly, not as exciting as the news but still left me with a mess to clean up.