Friday, November 26, 2010

Discrimination in Vancouver? Maybe...

In another edition of WTF my fellow Pagans, a British Columbia man is accusing the Vancouver Police Board of discriminating against him based on his religion and sexual orientation in denying him a chauffeur's license back in 2006. The courts have finally gotten around to dealing with this situation. It seems Canada is just as slow as the US when it comes to finally shorting stuff out.

According to an article on British Columbia's CTV News website, this man showed up to the licensing interview wearing all black and informed his interviewer that he wears all black because he is a Pagan (as a tree-hugging Pagan who wears mostly green and brown I am already put off by this guy). He also revealed to his interviewer that his sexual orientation is BDSM. I am not sure that BDSM is a sexual orientation and perhaps (as discussed in the article) that is a matter that the B.C. Supreme Court will eventually have to decide, though they won't right now. At any rate, why would someone walk into an interview, dressed all in black and announce that they were BDSM if they weren't trying to cause a ruckus? But I digress.

The interviewer who denied him his license says it was because of his past record in which no charges were filed but several complaints of minor violence and inappropriate sexual behavior had been made. However, during the interview, according to the would-be chauffeur, the interviewer was insulting and rude and told him that he would not give him a license to recruit people into his "sex cult" which doesn't look very good on him.

While both men didn't behave in the most intelligent manner, ultimately the tribunal decided that there was no discrimination in this case and while I'm not sure if that's true, I think it was probably a good idea to deny this guy a chauffeur's license anyway. What think you, dear reader?