Sunday, December 19, 2010

Full Moon, Eclipse, Solstice... Oh My

Tuesday, December 21st is to be an eventful twenty-four hours, astrologically speaking. It all begins shortly after midnight EST with the commencement of a full lunar eclipse. Unlike the last few, this lunar eclipse will, cloud-cover permitting, be entirely visible from all of North America and Central America. The eclipse will peak with the moment of the Full Cold Moon in Gemini at 3:14am so rest up and make sure you have plenty of hot cocoa on hand. The moon will enter Cancer soon after at 4:22am. Meanwhile, the sun will enter Capricorn at 6:38pm and the winter solstice will also take place at the same moment. The last time a lunar eclipse took place on the same day as the winter solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) was in 1638, the same year Louis XIV of France was born.

With so much going on, what to celebrate? The full moon in Gemini is all about communication and Cancer right on its heels encourages us to enjoy the closeness of the ones we love and appreciate the security of the home. So does the winter solstice! With all that love going around what's not to celebrate? And if you're wondering about Capricorn, it may seem like an uptight sign, but there's nothing Capricorn loves more than curling up by a warm fire on a cold evening with a steaming hot cup of something yummy.

So gather your friends, build a fire, enjoy the eclipse. This is a time for giving and sharing and for loving. If you're in the mood for magic, consider spells to encourage understanding, harmony and communication within your household and among your family and friends. There won't be a better time for another few hundred years.

Yule blessings everyone. I hope the season is full of love and joy for all.