Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A New Resolution

So paying off all of my debt in the next year is not realistic. Maybe next year. This year I have to buy appliances, do radon mitigation, fix the oil tank and heater, fix the sump pump, redo the deck, take down the really scary and dangerous looking fence around my yard and replace it with a fence that will actually keep things in instead of just punishing anyone who walks over it with tetanus... That is assuming this deal ever goes through, and I did say I was going to blog about that, didn't I? I am planning on doing that without using anymore credit, but paying off what I already have just isn't likely.

BUT, paying down (or off) my credit card can be a part of the NEW, much more practical Hearth resolution I have chosen.  (Drumroll please)

Be Prepared

Yes, I am going to start prepping. As I look at all these websites and TV shows about prepping I think "Those people are nuts" Why would you spend a whole bunch of money on all sorts of stuff to survive a nuclear attack or a zombie apocalypse? I just want to survive the next major black out.

So I got to thinking. What is practical to prep for? What emergencies are my family most likely to face?

So here's my brainstorm:
(In no particular order)

  • Power outage due to storms, whatever that was last time the whole Eastern seaboard went out and equipment failure
  • Loss of heat due to equipment failure or power outage
  • Loss of water due to a main break, plumbing issues, etc.
  • Illness or injury
  • Loss of income due to unemployment, illness or injury
  • Fire. Gods forbid.
  • Extreme weather, confining us to the home and limiting our ability to get to resources. 
  • Extreme weather or other condition requiring us to evacuate, limiting our access to the home for some time.
  • Extreme weather or other condition causing serious damage to the house requiring immediate repair for the safety of the family and to prevent further damage to the house. Broken windows, leaks, torn off siding or roof shingles.
  • Loss of transportation due to vehicle damage or malfunction.
  • Being the target of criminal activity in the home, in the car, or out and about in the world
  • Being charged with criminal activity or faced with a lawsuit

There we have 12 items I can review over the next 12 months. Assuming I keep on task here. The way the summer's been going... Well, I need to get back to some sort of normalcy around here.