Friday, August 17, 2007

More Crazy Pagans in the News

Now, my boyfriend has told me that I shouldn't rant about Pagans on a website for Pagans and I say, why not? Should we not take a good cleansing look at ourselves once in awhile. Besides, when I see a loon, I'm going to call it a loon. I am not going to prance around issues because the people involved happen to claim to be in the same religious family as I claim to be in. If you're crazy, I'm going to say it, and Brenna Barney from Wisconsin is a lunatic.

I just want to point out two pieces of the article. First: He (Officer Babe) said Barney at one point poured lighter fluid on the fire, in which she was burning rubber car mats and a cooler. Barney refused to cooperate with police and was belligerent, and her breath smelled of alcohol, Babe added

Followed closely by the obligatory Wicca is a nature-based religion based on respect for the earth, nature and the cycle of the seasons.

Okay, now I don't want to be one of those people who cries "He's not a real (insert religious affiliation here) because real (insert religious affiliation here)s respect (insert moral value here)." But damn. The article just said it, didn't it? Rubber car mats and a cooler? From a practitioner of a Nature-based religion? Nobody better ever scream religious discrimination on behalf of this lunatic. She is not representative of Pagan religions, any Earth-based religion, and especially not Wicca at all.

The whole burning-toxic-materials-for-an-Earth-based-ritual notwithstanding, she was in her underwear, belligerant, and loud- firecrackers?? *sigh* This was nothing more than a drunken debacle. What makes people do things like this? What white trash planet is this girl from? Here's more from the neighbors

(Of course the doll in the fire bit makes me chuckle since we just threw a man made of old boxes, newspapers and paperbags in the fire on Saturday. But we did it quietly, and far away from any houses, and there were no rubber mats on our fire. People see the dolls get thrown in the fire and freak out. I had a friend who had the cops called on her group when they were doing this on a beach on Lake Huron. Of course, the cops came, looked around and left- no disorderly conduct there.)

It is people like this that make me nervous about having rituals in my back yard. I am not concerned that the church next door or the neighbors on the other side will peep into my backyard and see me dancing around my firepit and call the police until I read articles like this- knowing full well that they might be reading them too. Because until someone acts like a fool and makes a big scene, the police just come, look around and decide that they are wasting their time and go home. When people act like idiots, it gets around, and the police get nervous and show up on the defensive. So I must ask each of you Pagan brothers and sisters- please don't be an idiot!

Thank you.