Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Heart Day Resolution Pre-amble

This year (and if it works out every year hereafter) I am setting a resolution on Valentine's Day to do something good for my Heart. Not just my physical heart, but everything it symbolizes. My Self. My health. My emotions. My relationships. But I am only allowed to pick one goal per year.

So, Heart Day is only two days away and I am formulating my resolution in the back of my head but first I wanted to come up with a plan, a sort of framework for what I'm doing to keep my brain organized.

First, I thought it would be nice to have some sort of special ritual to mark the occasion. I haven't been able to think of a ceremony per se, but I think I have a good idea for a ritual.

I am going out today to buy myself a greeting card and on it I am going to write:

Dearest Heart:
I love you and I want you to be strong, happy and healthy and so today I promise you that I will do this thing for you:
{Insert resolution here}
Yours forever,
Signed me

I will put it in my card box and mail it to myself when I send out my Valentine's Day cards next year.
Won't that be sweet.
I think I'll also buy myself a present.

As for the resolution itself, I wanted to set a few guidelines for myself and for that I turn am digging some goal-setting wisdom out of the back of my brain from a class I took years ago and adapting it because that's what I do.

First, we must look at the resolution or goal itself. When I set my goal it needs to meet the following criteria:
1. It must be attainable and realistic.
2. It must be something that results in a tangible, measurable change. That is, I can say here is the proof that I have achieved this goal and point to it.
3. It must have a reasonable deadline. In the case of my Heart Day (and other) resolution, the deadline is one year.

It is one thing to set a goal and give myself a deadline but the most important thing is to keep myself on track. These are the steps I will take to do that:
1. I will assign regular check in days to review my progress. I will make this the 14th of each month.
2. I will create mini-goals to accomplish throughout the year. One per month, to give myself little victories and successes to keep myself positive and so that I am not trying to do everything all at once.
3. I will share with you, dear readers, my progress and what I learned in pursuit of my goals. In part to keep myself honest and also to maybe help you out on similar goals. I will tag my Heart Day posts every 14th of the month with #myheartdayresolution. Yea, it's long. Whatever.

Exploring My Goals
I will structure my Resolutions with a series of questions to give me a clear view of what I'm trying to accomplish and what my path will be.

Why do I want to achieve this goal?
How will it benefit me?
What are the drawbacks?
How does it fit my values?
What are my obstacles?
How will I measure success?
What are some habits I will need to develop to make this a success?
Some mini-goals I can accomplish along the way?

Check in will take place each month on the same day the resolution was originally made. For each resolution the check in will be slightly different. I will define the check in to suit each goal at the time the resolution is set with the understanding that its structure may have to be adapted as I go along.

Now that I have a plan, I am ready for Heart Day!
Please let me know if you're going to join me. I would love it if you did!!
(And if you're reading this and it's like August, who cares, pick your own Heart Day and jump right in!)