Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Heart Day Resolution #myheartdayresolution

Okay, here it is. Heart Day and my Heart Day Resolution is:

I resolve to lose 30 pounds.

I actually need to lose 50 pounds but I am thinking 30 is much more attainable. Hopefully, all the wonderful habits I practice over the next year will result in continued gradual weight loss past the deadline. My doctor has been griping about my weight since before my last pregnancy and I am now heavier than I was at its peak. Not pretty. I used to be really proud of my physical health. Being chubby is somewhat depressing. I have never dieted before. This is going to suck. BUT I can do it. I know I can.

Just to remind me, my resolution steps are:
1. Set a reasonable goal to be met in one year. (Check)
2. Set monthly checkpoints to review my progress. (Check -  I will check in monthly on the 14th with a weigh-in and measurements.)
3. Develop new habits or mini goals and explore them each month in my checkpoint blog.

Exploration Questions

Why do I want to achieve this goal?
Being fat is no fun. My doctor says I am endangering my health. My favorite clothes don't fit. I wear out easily. A 110 pound rotty kicked my ass last weekend. That doesn't happen to me!

How will it benefit me?
I will be a better dog trainer when I can match the dogs for strength and endurance (I know speed is too much to hope for). I am looking at borderline diabetes here. I don't want diabetes. My clothes will fit again (yay) and I'll feel better buying new clothes. I will feel and look sexier and have more sex. More sex is good. Also I will be a better mom and wife, more active, stronger, better able to keep up and enjoy activities. I will be healthier for the rest of my life if I lose the weight now.

What are the drawbacks?
I am sure this is totally going to interfere with my lifestyle and eating habits.
Let me just say, that I love pie. And I am going to keep eating it. This goes for fruit pie as well as meat pie. Cream pie I think I can give up. Does cheese cake count as pie? I can't give that up either. Besides that, I am sure there will be some serious schedule issues.

How does it fit my values?
Hearth- My family deserves a healthy, energetic mother.
Heart - That is self-evident.
Earth - I am not sure how it will benefit the Earth, but it won't do Her any harm either.

How will this help with my ultimate goal of Arete?
Physical fitness was often mentioned as an example of the excellence of greatness in ancient Greece.

What are my obstacles?
I am breastfeeding. This precludes most chemical interventions. I can take no weight loss herbal supplements or drugs.
I am lazy.
I have very little time to myself. Babysitters are scarce unless I'm working.
I am on the road a lot and eat on the go pretty often.
I love food.

How will I measure success?
My goal is to lose 30 pounds. When I get there I will know I've succeeded. Also, see first check-in below. I expect the check in section to grow as things progress and I add more mini-goals to this project.

What are some habits I will need to develop to make this a success?
Some ideas I've gotten from the internet include: Keeping a food and exercise journal, meal planning, controlling portion sizes, eating in more than out, watching sugary beverages(I don't drink these, bonus), eat breakfast (I already do that. Bonus again), increasing physical activity, working out in the morning, brushing your teeth after meals, lay off the simple carbs

Some mini-goals I can accomplish along the way?
 Establish a regular work out schedule, join a community, start journaling, explore more tools to help me on my way, consult with my doctor, consult with a personal trainer.

First Check-in
Weight: 195.1 lbs
BMI calculation: 32.51 (according to my Wii Fit)
Waist measurement: 40
Hip Measurement: 45
Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.88 (Per
Goal Weight: 165 lbs

The first habit I will explore is...
Diet and exercise journaling