Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weirdness and Wizardry in Florida

A Florida substitute teacher has lost his job, and may not be given anymore assignments because he’s been charged with Wizardry.

First, I was not aware that Wizardry was a charge that was worthy of firing someone over. I mean, is it a crime now? Is it even sort of a crime? Do people take it seriously enough to complain about? Have they been reading too much Harry Potter? Again?

I dunno.

But the really amazing thing about this whole getting fired for practicing wizardry thing is the nature of the wizardry itself. It was the old disappearing toothpick trick. Yessir. Prestidigitation. Not magick. Magic. Stage magic. You know, like the old disappearing quarter trick your weird uncle insisted on inflicting upon you over and over and over again? Okay, so maybe that was weird enough to get fired over, or at least not get invited to dinner. But I don’t think we’re talking about that sort of weirdness. My son’s teacher shows him card tricks all the time. She’s a good teacher. I hope this isn’t a precident.