Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Dedication Ceremony #earthdayresolution

I begin by cleaning and consecrating my altar and decorating it with symbols of Gaia.I would love to have a
 Millennial Gaia Statue, but I cannot afford one at this time. (Perhaps I will reward myself with one after I have saved a ton of money by only buying reusable things for a whole year!) Instead I will use a dish of earth with a votive candle in the center.
I will also have handy a piece of paper on which my resolution is written: "I resolve for the remainder of the year 2013 to purchase no disposable items and to work to eliminate the use of disposable items at home and at work."

I begin in the usual way, doing my usual opening ceremony. Then I will continue by lighting my Gaia candle and reading the Homeric Hymn to Gaia:

I sing of well-founded Earth, mother of all, eldest of all beings. She feeds all creatures that are in the world, all that go upon the goodly land, and all that are in the paths of the seas, and all that fly: all these are fed of her store. Through you, O queen, men are blessed in their children and blessed in their harvests, and to you it belongs to give means of life to mortal men and to take it away. Happy is the man whom you delight to honor! He has all things abundantly: his fruitful land is laden with corn, his pastures are covered with cattle, and his house is filled with good things. Such men rule orderly in their cities of fair women: great riches and wealth follow them: their sons exult with ever-fresh delight, and their daughters in flower-laden bands play and skip merrily over the soft flowers of the field. Thus is it with those whom you honor O holy goddess, bountiful spirit.
I leave off the last bit because I didn't write this so I shouldn't ask for blessings for writing it. Instead I present the offering I have. My piece of paper with my resolution on it, which I read out loud and place under the bowl of earth.

Then I close the ceremony in the usual way.
(Everyone has their own way of opening and closing a ceremony, so I won't go into details. If you are super curious, you can see it in my online Book of Shadows at