Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Earth Day Resolution #earthdayresolution

This Earth Day I resolve to reduce the amount of garbage I produce.

Steps to achieving this goal-
  • Identify all items that I throw away after using throughout my home and for my business.
  • Identify reusable alternatives to these disposable items.
  • Identify any negative outcomes that may occur as a result of this change and brainstorm ways to mitigate the negatives.
  • Purchase or make reusable items to replace disposable items.
  • Begin using these items, teach family members how to use them.
Now that I have identified my goal and the steps to achieving it I am ready to go. On Earth Day I will perform a ceremony of dedication to the Earth and state my resolution to Her and it will begin. On the 22nd of each month I will check in with an article about some disposable item or other I have replaced with a reusable item. This will keep me honest and on track.

So, are you in? Please post a comment with either your goals and steps or a link back to your blog article where you have listed your goals and steps.

I will post my Earth Day Resolution Dedication Ceremony in just a moment so that you can use it too if you like.