Sunday, June 15, 2008

Barack Obama a Muslim? Who Cares!

I’ve heard alot of rumblings in the news lately about Barack Obama’s religious affiliation. First people are screaming because of some things his Christian pastor said, and now they’re screaming that he’s Muslim because, well, he’s got a Muslim name. Well Duh? His father is from Kenya, isn’t he? Here’s an article about his half brother who can’t imagine Barrack would have been raised anything but Muslim. But can we remember that this man is from Kenya and a product of his own culture? Muslims (and many others) firmly believe that the religion of the father must be the religion of the son and it couldn’t be any other way. I once had a long conversation with a young Hindu man who was completely baffled by the fact that I am Pagan and my family in Christian. He couldn’t get his brain around it no matter how much I tried to explain it. He was Hindu because his parents were and that’s how it is. Same with Muslims. You can’t look at these interviews with people from other cultures from an American perspective. You have to understand where they are coming from. It’s cultural relativity. And that’s something way too many of our political candidates are lacking and one of the things I hope Barrack Obama has, given his background, which makes me want to vote for him.

I frankly don’t care what Obama’s religion is. You know why? Because this is America. This isn’t Isreal, this isn’t Saudi Arabia. This is frigging America where religion doesn’t matter. Theoretically. Why should his Muslim background be discussed at all? Why should his Christian background be discussed at all?

At issue is the fact that Barack Obama speaks perfect Arabic and can read Arabic.
Um. Aren’t we repeatedly running into problems with Arab speaking countries? And don’t we do alot of trade with Arab speaking countries? Won’t it be to our advantage to have a representative dealing with foreign affairs issues who can speak Arabic without an interpreter? Personally, I consider it a bonus that he speaks Arabic. Not a detriment at all.

I am a bit disturbed by the adamance with which the Obama campaign is denying his Muslim heritage. Oh yes, I believe the rumors. He was born of a man from a country that is largely Muslim, I’m quite sure there’s some Muslim heritage going on. Never mind that it wasn’t one of the Muslim countries that we are having problems with. Yes, he began his education in a Muslim country and maybe he went to a Muslim private school. The funny thing about that is that I know alot of Pagans who send their kids to Christian private schools so they can have the best education possible. Doesn’t make them Christian. I imagine in a Muslim country the Muslim school gave its students the best education possible. Of course, he also went to Catholic school…

He may even have been Muslim as a child… yes even those who are using this Muslim thing as an attack are, for the most part, limiting it to his childhood. But guess what, I was a Christian as a child. A devout Christian until I was 12 because I was not aware that there was anything else to be. Children know only what they experience. He may have been a Muslim until he was in his 20s and then converted which makes him not a Muslim now, which is all that really matters.
But it doesn’t, because I reiterate. This is America. It doesn’t matter what you’re religion is.
But in a country where we have problems with evil Muslims blowing up our buildings, wouldn’t it be an advantage to have a commander in chief who knew about Islam?
The fact is, Barrack Obama spoke of his Christian faith long before there was any hint he was going to run for president. If he was Muslim, and he was pretending to be Christian… I think that’s a sin. Not sure, but I think it might be. Does he take communion? Probably a Muslim sin. Certainly worshipping Jesus and claiming Jesus as the Son of God is a nono in a Muslim’s eyes. If Barrack Obama is a Muslim, or has been for the last 20 years, he is a very very bad Muslim.
Anyway, here’s the Snopes listing refuting the “Barrack Obama is Muslim” rumors. They do more research than me but research aside, it is still my opion that:

1. It doesn’t matter what religion a political candidate is, and furthermore, pulling out the religion card in the political arena is distasteful

2. A candidate with a firm grasp of Arabic and Islam can only be a benefit in a country that has so many disagreements - and trade agreements - with Arab and Islamic countries.
But still… I think Mr. Obama doth protest too much.
Remember sir, this is America. It doesn’t matter what your religion is!