Friday, June 13, 2008

Sheltering Discrimination

The “I”’s have it today.

A woman in Idaho was recently kicked out of a faith based women’s shelter, Ruth House in Idaho Falls, Idaho, because, she says, they didn’t like her choice of religion. She’s Pagan. She states that a worker there took exception to her jewelry, calling it Satanic, and told her she must get rid of her books, a fiction series about witches. When she refused, she was asked to leave. Now she and her 17 month old son are looking for a place to stay.

The Director of the shelter, Robert Gulden, says she shouldn’t have been kicked out and that he wasn’t even notified. His staff didn’t follow protocol. So he hopes she will get in touch with him to talk about the matter.

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There are Pagan homeless shelters and they generally accept anyone, regardless of faith. Unfortunately, there aren’t many. The Pagan community is simply not organized enough to set up charities on a large scale, so shelters are few and far between. However, many Pagan organizations do charity work to collect goods and services to support homeless shelters and battered women’s shelters that already exist. Although… my experience doing this has been less than satisfactory as some Christian and Muslim organizations in my local area have refused to accept our charity.

Some Pagan charity initiatives:
Goddess Moon Circles Helping and Warming Program
Circle Sanctuary, WI
Robin’s Hood Community Center, KY
The Delaware Valley Pagan Network
Touchstone Local Council
The Officers of Avalon
Familiar Friends Black Cat Rescue, MI
The Open Hearth Foundation, DC
Please feel free to comment and list any Pagan charities you know of.