Friday, June 27, 2008

Kathy Lee is an Idiot

I am not going to get excited about this because I try to make a point of not getting excited over what stupid people have to say. Like when President Bush gets up and starts talking about Weapons of Mass Destruction, I don’t get excited because I know he’s an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Likewise, I am pretty sure Kathy Lee is too much of an idiot to get excited about as well. Besides, there are lots of other people getting excited without my help, and I’m not sure I’m the one to determine what things are things to get excited about. If she had said “those greedy nasty Jews” or “those evil Muslim terrorists” she would have been smacked down by her network, this is true. And we might roll our eyes over the overreacction and people out there well might roll their eyes at our overreaction and whatever. That’s life.

Now call me a Gemini, but I couldn’t help but get distracted by the issue of the question itself, or rather the multiple choice answers supplied to it. I thought- “Why would Pagans think carrying metal on the right side would be bad luck? What kind of stupid superstition would that be? How would our ancestors have carried their swords?” and I thought “Wait a minute… the ancient Egyptians were Pagans… weren’t they?” This is why I never did well with multiple choice tests at school. It was short answer or essay or I was screwed. Too easily distracted. but I digress.
Anyway. Outrage, or lack thereof notwithstanding (how many compound words can you fit in a sentence?) I don’t think this sort of behavior should go unchecked. So I encourage everyone to write a letter to somebody. You can send a letter right to the Today show at NBC, quickly and painlessly at

Here’s Mine:

I am writing because I am confused as to why Kathy Lee chose to add unecessary adjectives to a very simple sentance she was reading off of a card on June 25th Today Show in order to insert insults directed at a minority religious group. I am also confused as to why a hasty apology to the Pagan community was not made. I am sure that this was simply ignorance on the part of Kathy Lee and an oversight on the part of the network, that the situation will be immediately rectified and that the network will take care to educate its employees better in the future.

Now I realize that I’m being a little hypocritical in calling Kathy Lee and idiot in my public blog when I think that it’s not a good idea for her to call Pagans filthy and nasty on TV, but let me point out that I am not generalizing. I am calling a specific person an idiot. I’m not saying “all female TV talk show hosts are idiots” and I’m not saying “All white Christians are idiots”, I am saying Kathy Lee is an idiot. If Kathy Lee said, “That Dawn Black woman is a filthy, nasty person” that would be one thing. (I would further not care, and I expect the Pagan community at large wouldn’t care much either). But no, she generalized. One can say that a specific person is an idiot, or filthy and nasty, but not a whole group. When you say it about one person you are perhaps being rude, and you are stating an opinion. When you say it about a whole group of people, you are letting your bigot show. If I was the CEO of a major TV network, I sure as hell wouldn’t want people flashing their bigot all over my products.

You can also voice your opinion on the matter at the Petition Site. But that might be takingg it a bit too far. I’m not sure.
Update: Kathy Lee made a blanket apology (you can see it here) that may or may not have been in reference to this incident. I must say, if the apology is in reference to this incident, the apology is more annoying than the incident itself. But I’m still not going to get excited. And I’m not going to boycott. It would be a meaningless gesture anyway. I never watch that show. It is beneath me.