Friday, June 6, 2008

Long Live the ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union gets alot of slack from “conservatives” for picking up “liberal” causes, but I think even the Religious Right can’t be whining about this latest case. It seems a Christian librarian in Missouri was asked to be excused during a Harry Potter promotion because she believed that the books promoted occultism. Now I’m sure you know that I think people who go on about that business are freaks. And I’m sure you know that I think that people should do the job they are hired to do regardless of their religious beliefs and if they can’t, they should get another job. But in this case… is it in her job description to dress up as a witch to promote a book? Not likely. It might be in her job description to take part in promotions, but what if she’d been sick that day? Would her absence have destroyed the whole project? Anyway, the woman allegedly received a 10 day suspension without pay for asking to be excused from work that day and, according to the law suit, was treated so badly on her return, she felt she had to quit.

As usual, I am skeptical because I’m the skeptical sort. I wonder was she a bitch about the whole thing, or did she simply request a vacation day that day? If all is what it seems, then she has my support. Even though I think she’s silly for hating Harry, and even though I am Pagan and her reasons had to do with her Christianity. Why? Because when I am asked to promote the latest Left Behind Series or Anti-Choice rally, I want to be able to say no and not get fired.